aureo exists to connect brands and freelancers around a common why. the best work is done when you truly care about the outcome.

Our mission is to enable people to do work they actually care about. and do it well.

About Aureo


In a past life, when we were hiring freelancers, we struggled to find aligned and quality talent. People either didn’t have the skills or they weren’t invested in the work.
They didn’t buy into our why. Aureo aims to change that.

And when we were looking for work as freelancers, we struggled to find exciting work for brands that we wanted to get behind. We hope to change that, too.

We believe it's the people that care the most that leave the greatest impact, and when you compound that energy, there's no limit to what can be accomplished.

We connect people that give a damn.


hustle smarter

Make an impact


fail forward

earn your team's trust

community + belonging

celebrate every win

communicate + be accountable